Cool Links #1

Every Saturday, I publish a list of cool, interesting, or funny links I gathered through the week. If you enjoy it, please subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks!

— A chess robot broke the finger of a 7-year-old boy during a competition in Russia. Is this how the machine rebellion begins?

— While certain companies still have trouble on supporting Android updates, Nikon released a firmware update for a ten years old camera.

— Anker throw a 20+ minute, Apple-style event to announce… new battery chargers. (They seem great, though.)

Sony announced the Backbone, its first official controller for iPhones. For USD 100.

— dbrand released funny skins for the Pixel 6A that inspired by the phone’s resemblance to the Ninja Turtles.

This animation puts the depth of the oceans into perspective. (This channel has other interesting similar animations.)

— Analogue Pocket, a modern device compatible with original Game Boy cartridges, has re-released Spacewar!, from 1962, considered to be the first video game in history.

Chord Genius is an app that synchronizes with other music streaming apps to help you play guitar.

— A system that generates Excel formulas from simple prose.

— A wallpaper generator based on emojis, like the one coming in iOS 16.

Standard Ebooks is a project that takes public domain books and publishes fancy digital editions, all for free.

Typst is a kind of Google Docs, but for academic writing.

Quiqr is an GUI app for publishing blogs made with Hugo. Still experimental.

Comcast is a tool designed to simulate common network problems like latency, bandwidth restrictions, and dropped/reordered/corrupted packets.

exa is a modern replacement for the ls command from Unix systems. Tip from reader Paulo GPD.

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