Embraer's new turboprop airplane and other cool links

— Embraer revealed its next turbopro airplane, the TPNG. It’s due to start flying in 2027.

— LinkedIn’s 20 most popular courses are available for free until the end of August.

Pokémon’s phone has been updated and now boasts two cameras, like (almost) every good modern phone.

— Insta360 has a new webcam, called Link, with a feature similar to that of Apple cameras that “follows” a person in the frame. USD 299.

A suitcase that resembles (and fits like) Lego pieces. For now, just a concept.

— The 1kB Club is a select group of sites that weigh less than 1 KB. So far it has four members.

Apps and sites

Papers, Please was released for phones (Android, iOS).

— This guy built a dictionary app from scratch. Why? None of those available worked the way he uses dictionaries. The app is Wordnote Dictionary (Android, iOS) and here he told its making of.

Emery’s proposal is ambitious: tie together your tasks, appointments, and thoughts in one app. For USD 4.50 per month.

Banish is a Safari extension that removes those annoying requests from sites like Reddit to “install the app”. For iOS, USD 1.90.

LibRedirect is an extension that redirects you to privacy-friendly front-ends when you access social media sites. For Chrome and Firefox, free.

Blurred is an app that fades background windows and the desktop so you can better focus on the window you’re working on. For macOS, free and open source.

CyberChef is the developer’s Swiss Army knife: over 300 common operations presented graphically. Free.

Material You Color Theming extension changes the colors of windows and other UI elements according to the wallpaper in use, just like recent Android versions. For Gnome, free.

— Avoid using CAPTCHAS. If you must, use mCAPTCHA, an open, free and privacy-compliant solution.

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