A basic property on the outskirts of the metaverse and other cool links

Every Saturday, I publish a list of cool, interesting, or funny links I gathered through the week. If you enjoy it, please subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks!

— Rita Wu, a Brazilian futurist, talking on TV about getting married and buying a small property on the outskirts of the metaverse for USD 5k (in Portuguese). This could be a skit on The Office show.

— A robot gymnast really good on the fixed bar. (The video is from 2015.) Rebeca Andrade, beware!

SpongeBob’s computer based on Raspberry Pi. H/t Cesar Cardoso.

— Lucas Pope, the creator and solo developer of Papers, Please, tells the meticulous process of adapting the game for tiny screens.

— Crisis in high society: almost every Ferrari manufactured since 2005 will have to undergo a recall due to a defect in the brake fluid reservoir.

— We are fools and Google knows it: search for “dog” or “cat” and click on the paw print on the right panel to be surprised.

Apps and sites

FreeTube is a good way to watch YouTube videos withought having to deal with YouTube’s official apps or site. Free and open source, for various platforms. H/t Ricardo Silvério.

— A bunch of services and tools for early stage startups.

Fockups is a site with templates for mockups in adverse conditions. Because the world isn’t as perfect as many mockups pretend.”

— Microsoft has opened up its set of 3D emojis. On GitHub and Figma.

ExplorerPatcher is one of those utilities that profoundly changes Windows (“debloater”). Its distinguishing feature is that it works on Windows 11. Use at your own risk!

Batteries for Mac app displays in the menubar and widgets the real-time status of your Apple and Beats devices’ batteries. USD 9, for macOS.

Organic Maps is an offline map app based on OpenStreetMap data. Free, for Android and iOS.

U1KE is a digital ukulele made of 1 KB of JavaScript.

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