How to be less pessimistic?

A reader of my Portuguese-written blog unsubscribed from its newsletter because he was feeling bad about my ‘negative bias’.

I police myself a lot not to focus only on the negative part of consumer technology, even if it (or how I see it) is, in large part, negative.

I’m failing at this, as the reader’s comment shows.

While digesting his message, I remembered my discomfort with a politics podcast that I used to listen to weekly until I realized that, despite enjoying the hosts, the topics they covered were making me feel bad.

It’s often said that to be well-informed is to be selectively ignorant. Maybe that’s the recipe so you don’t get mad too, or a little less so.

I thanked the reader for the care in justifying himself and renewed my promise to try to better balance my blog’s editorial choices.

Do you have any tips not to let yourself be shaken by life as it is? Moving away, in this case, is not an option — my job is to inform myself to inform those who read me.

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