Mastoot is my new Mastodon favorite app

I don’t expect much from a Mastodon app: just on that’s lean and stable; a no-frills approach.

For some reason I can’t explain, until recently I hadn’t tried Mastoot. (I suspect I confused it with Mast, which I tried and was horrible; people need to think of more original names for these apps.)

Mastoot, developed by Bei Li, is… simple, as it states on its App Store description. It has no advanced features nor is it very customizable — you can change the icon and accent color, and customize the sideways sliding actions. And that’s it.

For a while, Mastoot was slightly neglected by its creator. Not anymore. Coincidence or not, Bei Li said that Mastoot development began again, and he’d “like to start with minimal and prioritize features driven by user feedback this time”. Also, he will “implement features at a relatively slower pace to ensure quality”.

As it’s right now, Mastoot is a delight to use. Oh, and it’s free.

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